Rose Hill Restaurant

Duplin County Historical Society

Woodbrook Baptist Church

My philosophy of website design is three-fold.

One, aesthetically pleasing. I will graphically design the look of the sight or use your existing design, in consultation with you. I can use your images, or take new pictures. I write custom javascript or use open source libraries, so there are no licensing costs.

Two, functional. I will set up password protected hidden pages right on the site, that will allow you to make regular updates to changing information.

Three, affordable. There is a one time design, build and implementation cost. If you need me to do regular updates to the site, we can work out an agreement for that as well. I recommend that the server space be leased in your name, and that you own the domain name yourself. These are ongoing costs that you pay to the hosting service. Typically $120 or so a year. This way if you decide to get someone else to redesign the site, or use your own people to update it, you have full control.

Take a look at sites I have designed, and see what you think.

ButlerNetworking designs constructs, and establishishes a web site for you with multiple pages as suited to your needs, including an email mailing list for under $500.

call for more details, or to negotiate. 910-305-9796