a box

nce there was a king who  had no heirs. He was a good and wise king and cared very much for his subjects. But he was getting old and wanted to find a wise and good person to rule after he was gone.

e thought and thought  and finally decided on a plan. He sent his woodcutters into the magic forest to select a special tree. He had his carpenters make a box from the tree, Then had his wizzards give it a special power. And that power was this:

hen a truly good and  wise person opened the box, that person would hear music.

he King held a grand  ball and invited all the brave and wise and good people in the kingdom to attend. He filled the box with his most precious jewels so he could show the box to people without them suspecting it was a test.

t the ball he showed  the box to the brave knight. The knight opened the box and commented on what valor it must have taken to win all these jewels.

he king showed the  box to the wise and discerning duke. The duke opened the box and told the king how much good could be done to improve the kingdom with these jewels.

he king showed the  box to the good and holy friar. The friar opened the box and exclaimed these jewels would make an excellent contribution to the abby.

he king showed the  box to many other people at the ball, but everyone just commented on the jewels and no-one heard the music.

las the king was sad  and he sat all alone to grieve for the fate of the kingdom.

he knight's squire  brought him his steed, and the knight left.

he dukes driver  brought his carriage and the duke left.

stable boy came with a  wagon to take the friar back to the abby. But the friar was talking to some new parishoners. The stable boy saw the box and thought what a pretty box, so he opened it, to look at the pretty jewels.

he stable boy looked  around the box to see where the music was coming from. But he then became aware that everyone in the hall was looking at him. And the king knew why. For when the stable boy opened the box, everyone heard the music.

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