Bill Butler

Broadcast Engineer, Videographer, Programmer



Work Experience

1984-2009 News, WBAL-TV, Baltimore

2000-2009, engineering, maintainance of video servers, video processing equipment (analog and digital)

1992-2000, News show editor, microwave, satellite intake operator.

1984~1992, News photographer/editor news.

1978-1983 Evening Magazine, WJZ-TV, Baltimore

Field sound recording, EFP videographer

Experience with:

Microwave trucks, satellite uplink trucks, event remotes, (e.g the Preakness, many parades)

All levels of broadcasting and video and audio production.

Repair of video tape machines, video servers, broadcast cameras, camera robotics.

Circuit design, board level diagnosis and repair, and system design.

Harris automation, Vinton robotics, Leitch routers, Evertz routers and signal processing.Tandberg, Tiernan, Miranda encoders, decoders, and IRDís.

Specialty Training:

Avid ISIS Unity, Interplay, and Media manager.

Qualified for Maryland Home Inspection.


Familiar with most aspects of PC computers; building, maintaining, problem solving, networks, programming, and repair.

Skilled in Visual Basic and C# programming. (see software, page 2.)

Familiar with Javascript, Perl, HTML, MySQL, MSSQL, MS Office Apps,


I built one of WBALís early MW trucks, and continued to repair and maintain MW and satellite trucks and associated field equipment.

I was one of the Ku uplink truck operators while working in news, and continued to do uplinks as needed.




Available upon request.

Skills and related experience

Operate Ku uplink truck 1987-2008.

Circuit design: auto start for minidisc recorder via Telos link complete (hex inverter and RC delays)

Built a  microwave eng truck. Designed arranged construction of custom racks and storage, Designed signal flow, built wiring harnesses. Selected, mounted, installed, connected all equipment.

Honors and Awards


N.C.State, B.S. Sociology, 1973

Towson State University, B.A.* Theater Arts, 1978

Other work experience:

Baptist Campus Ministry, Harvard, M.I.T., Wellesley, UMBC, 1973-1975

U.S. Census Enumerator, 2010

Designed, Built & Support: (Sept. 2011)

Designed, Built & Support: (Dec. 2011)



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